My Experience with Mograph Mentor

In 2015, my mandatory military service was finishing and my chances to further my studies was dashed when I got rejected out of local universities. It was extremely devastating as my peers had their university placings and all I wanted was to study and upgrade my skills that has dulled over the past two years being with the army.
After countless days scouring the net for alternatives to universities, I chanced upon Mograph Mentor (MM), an online motion graphics training program that equips you with the essential skills to go about a Motion Graphics career.
With nowhere to go, I decided to give it a shot.

How it works

  • You are placed in a class of five and be mentored by an industry professional online to complete assignments. Over 12 weeks, you will present progress of your work and receive critiques from your mentor and peers.
  •  You are given a login to MM students site where you can check your weekly class instructions, view lecture and tutorial content as well as your class information.
  • You are also given access to the entire Digital Tutors library of content
  • If needed, you will be issued a student license for Cinema 4D software

My Mentor & my first assignment
My Mentor was Steve Savalle, an award winning Animator, Designer and Senior Art Director based out of Detroit., and an excellent teacher that pushes students’ concepts to overcome creative walls.

My first MM assignment was to create a set of frames based on a theme. I had a good concept but much of it involve illustrations which I was never good at. I jumped between Illustrator and Photoshop while receiving guidance Steve on producing good frames.

And with enough time and effort, I overcame this wall and created something I was proud of. Below are frames from the assignment, my first attempt at digital painting.

More than just training
The mentoring was great but what I love about MM was the community and the open culture it created with its private Facebook and Slack group that mentors, students, alumni are part of.
In this community, anyone can ask a question or showcase their works for critique and there will always be someone to answer or appreciate your works. I recalled vividly asking a question regarding portfolio sites on the Slack and I received great answers from various mentors and students!

In all, I am really glad I signed up for MM, it taught me that I was capable of anything and gave me a community where we can all learn and share knowledge together.Mograph Mentor is no doubt a great training program that will guide you from the basics and beyond in the world of motion graphics and even an alternative to art school.

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Desmond Du

Desmond Du is a Singaporean pursuing a B.F.A in Motion Media Design at SCAD Savannah. He enjoys sharing knowledge with everyone and helping people to do their best in whatever work they are doing. He is also looking for content creators to collaborate with or share their content on

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