How to have a proper file naming convention


Archiving your work is very important as an artist and having an organized file system is part of professionalism. I’m sure at one point you probably named your files like the picture above.

Below is a file naming convention I adapted from my time working at Double Negative.






Major version are updated when you receive feedback / approval from your client or professor

Minor version are updated for your own personal backup


Here is an scenario. you are doing an assignment for GRDS 205 – Typography I

Your workfile should be GRDS205_PROJECT1_v01_01_2017_01_20

You took 2 days to finish it and you save two times as backup



GRDS205_PROJECT1_v01_03_2017_01_21 (ready for review by Professor)

After your professor give feedback or approval with your progress to make more changes, your work file then becomes:


Other tips

Folder Organization

Aside from naming your file correctly, you should practise good folder organization. Here is an example which you can follow.

YEAR QUARTER > CLASS > PROJECT > Workfiles / Assets / Scans


It is also important to name and date the folder which you store your scans because you may scan your works more than once for a project or class.

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