Quick Tip #05 After Effects: Audio markers & shortcuts

Quick Tip #05 After Effects: Audio markers & shortcuts


Here are five shortcuts you can learn to improve your efficiency when working with audio in After Effects.

#01 Preview audio from current time

  • Shortcut: . (dot) on numeric keypad  or Control + . (dot) on main keyboard

#02 Preview audio from the beginning

  • Mac Shortcut: Option + . (dot) on numeric keypad  or Control + Option + . (dot) on main keyboard
  • Windows Shortcut: Alt. (dot) on numeric keypad

#03 Creating markers as audio plays

This is nifty shortcut to learn when marking out the rhythm, lyrics, or narration into audio track before beginning to animate

  • Shortcut: * (asterisk) on numeric keypad

#04 Extending markers

Instead of using two markers to denote the start and end of a segment in your audio track, you can actually set duration for a marker that you created! 

  • To set a marker’s duration by dragging, hold the Option (macOS) or Alt (Windows) key, then click the marker icon and drag to the right. 
  • To change the duration of a marker, click and drag the marker out point icon; you do not need to hold Option/Alt. 

#05 Audio shortcuts

  • To show audio levels: press L 
  • To show audio waveform, press LL (quicktap)

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